2018 Southeast Region SuccessBound 

Conference Registration

Monday, May 14th, 2018

Ohio University Baker Center

9AM - 4PM

This form is to register to attend the Southeast Region SuccessBound Conference. The purpose of this conference is to provide introductory best practices to education and business partners on collaborating, and providing career pathway options, Work-Based Learning experiences, and other career readiness preparation opportunities for students.

This conference is designed to be an introductory experience for stakeholders who are looking to engage in career education in various ways.

Which category of partner to you best represent?

Are you interested in taking part in a focus group about OhioMeansJobs immediately before or after this conference agenda?

What are you expecting from this conference? Please select any topics that apply:

Please rate your level of expertise in the following areas. One (1) being novice to five (5) being expert.

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