This course is designed for “entry-level” personnel destined for assignment to a tactical team, an entire “newly formed” tactical team with no or limited previous tactical experience or personnel/team wishing to improve their respective skills sets and covers the initial training of the members regarding new/unique TTPs. 

Training will include but is not limited to: tactical marksmanship with the handgun and submachine gun/carbine; Introduction to tactical team equipment; Room combat/CQB; Operator tactical medicine; Personnel handling; Tactical law enforcement planning; Mechanical breaching;  An integral part of the program curriculum also includes progression style entry tactics (CQB) training to include the conduct of live fire CQB operations in varied environments (normal, low light, and reduced visibility).

Participants will need to bring their patrol rifle or smg with minimum 6 magazines, handgun with minimum 4 magazines, classroom and field notebooks, tactical officer equipment package (as per attendee’s agency policy), clothing/footwear appropriate for the season, 500 rounds of handgun ammunition and 500 rounds of patrol rifle/smg ammunition.  Day one will be all classroom and the remainder will be hands-on. 

PRE-REQUISITES: The BSC is performance-oriented training designed specifically for the entry-level tactical team and its members. Attendees should be personnel destined for or assigned as members of an operational-tactical team/organization.

Each attendee must be proficient as per their respective departments' patrol rifle/sub-machinegun qualification policy and have their respective weapon battle sight zeroed to them prior to attendance.

 SPECIAL INFORMATION: The BSC is performance-oriented training conducted in a high-risk environment. To successfully complete the course a student must progress through increasingly difficult training. Testing will involve a performance-oriented “hands-on” application of the skills learned. The BSC Program has numerous live-fire exercises, physical challenges, classroom lectures/conferences, and graded presentations.

All questions can be directed to, Joshua Davies, Firing Range Manager  at 740-753-7169 or email at [email protected]

Course registration deadline September 28th, 2022.

This course will be a first come first serve registration with a waiting list if needed.


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